Installing Node on AWS Linux AMI

Here are the steps to install node, npm and express on Amazon 32 bit Linux AMI:

  1. sudo yum install gcc-c++ make
  2. sudo yum install openssl-devel
  3. wget (Pick the latest stable version available)
  4. tar -zxvf node-v0.4.7.tar.gz
  5. cd node-v0.4.7
  6. export JOBS=2
  7. ./configure
  8. make
  9. sudo make install
  10. sudo su
  11. vi /etc/sudoers (We add node to the path of the sudo)
  12. Find and edit the line “Defaults secure_path …” and add “:/usr/local/bin” to the end of the path
  13. curl | sudo sh


11 thoughts on “Installing Node on AWS Linux AMI

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  2. superb. short, to the point, and actually works.

    one thing i would point out though (and this might be obvious to others) is that once i completed step 13 (the last step), i immediately typed:
    $ node
    to see if everything had worked, but it told me that the command wasn’t found. i searched through the terminal looking for errors, but there wasn’t any. after a while, i realised i was still sudo, so exited it (by typing exit) and tried node again, and it worked.

    just my experience.

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